Los Kamer

Los Kamer fuses jazz, swing, balkan and Latin rhythms. the band was created in 2007 by Kamer Ponce (bass).
They produced two albums: “Una tarde de Amore” (2011) and “Indestructible” (2016). In May 2017 they launched their new single “Hasta el Amanecer”. Los Kamer already played in the most important forums of the capital. Next to these experiences they also exposed their music in other parts of Mexico and the world through tours. They have been in Belgium where they played at Gitannekesfoor, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic and in England where they played at one of the biggest festival of this country: Boomtown Fair. At Boomtown they had two amazing gigs at the main stage of OldTown. Los Kamer is an explosive band on stage, with much strength, speed and most of all the best parties.


„LOS KAMER sind eine der interessantesten Neuentdeckungen des Festival-Sommers“

– Los Kamer son un nueva propuesta interesante en el festival de Verano.

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